Chapman & Associates Therapy Solutions, LLC.


About Us


My name is Ashley Chapman, Speech-Language Pathologist and Founder of Chapman & Associates Therapy Solutions, LLC based in Oviedo, FL. I started the practice in 2004 with the goal of helping children with developmental delays or special needs function in their daily activities of life. I am proud to now have a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced therapists who share my goal.

We are proud to offer our services in the setting that benefits each child the most. These settings include but are not limited to our clinic, the child's home, daycare or school.

We serve the Central Florida area.


My philosophy on treating pediatric developmental delays is simple.

  • Each child is unique; therefore, the pediatric therapy must be customized for each child for maximum results.
  • The family must be involved and be willing to carryover the techniques learned in the therapy sessions into the child's daily routine.
  • A multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to pediatric therapy is the best way to overcome all aspects of a child's developmental issues.

I have developed our business model and service delivery strategy around these three main guiding principles.