Chapman & Associates Therapy Solutions, LLC.


About Us


To support one of our guiding principles of a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to pediatric therapy, Chapman & Associates works with many different types of healthcare professionals outside of our company. We have worked hard to create strategic relationships with:

  • Child psychologists
  • Child psychiatrists
  • Behavior analysts
  • Pediatricians

These strategic relationships allow us to provide a more complete developmental solution to the children and families we serve.


Chapman & Associates Therapy Solutions is pleased to offer our services to private schools in the Central Florida area. Our goal is to become a part of the school by building close relationships with the administration and faculty. We concentrate on continually educating the teachers regarding the identification of possible developmental delays. The teachers then not only know what to look for in their students but can also refer the student to a Chapman & Associates therapist. Our therapists are onsite to evaluate, diagnose, and treat the student for any identified disorders, which is a huge convenience for the parents.

Partnering with Chapman & Associates will benefit the Private School by:

  • Improving academic achievement in students that are struggling due to a developmental disorder.
  • Increase client/parent satisfaction with your school by offering the convenience of onsite therapy.
  • Supports student acquisition by offering onsite therapy vs. referring the child to someone outside the school.
  • Shows you care about the well-being and development of each student that attends your school.

Please contact us if you are interested in speaking with any of our affiliates.